Is Islamophobia a term that’s just used to stifle criticism?

Many people seem to be implying that Islamophobia is just a term that Muslims coined so that we can prevent people from criticizing Islam. I’m out to prove that this is not true. First of all I completely differentiate between the two.

There is:

1) Criticizing Islam

2) Islamophobia

Muslims are frequently condemning Islamophobia. When people call Arabs “sand niggerz” or “barbaric” or something else, I call that Islamophobia. When Sikhs and Hindus and Christian Arabs are attacked because they are mistaken for Muslims, I call that Islamophobia. And I don’t think that Islamophobia is imagined or made up. Islamophobia is people being apprehensive to Muslims just because they are Muslim.

Now about criticism of Islam. What really bothers me is that people seem to think that they are the only ones that have criticized Islam and that it’s revolutionary. Sorry, the Islam criticizers have existed since the beginning of Islam. Don’t flatter yourselves. People used to criticize it in the time of the Prophet May Allah bless him and give him peace up until now. It is not new and it is not going to go away and the Qu’ran affirms this.

So these people are dead wrong, it is not a term to stifle criticism. It is something real. There is a real prejudice against Muslims which is different from mere criticisms.

The criticisms of Islam are good, because they are always the same over and over. It strengthens our faith because if nobody can come up with something new, then we must be doing something right.


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