Worshipping in a Shia Mosque

This post in response to Ali Eteraz’ post about worshiping in another house of worship. I would like to start off by saying that I do not consider Shiism to be a different religion than mine.

So I went to a Shia mosque because simply my Shia friend died (May Allah grant her Jannah) and that’s where the memorial was, and we we had to pray Maghrib/Isha. I’m still not sure how that works, I think they pray them together.

So, in reality I expected everything I encountered there. I have come of age and I know many things about Shias. As a kid I was clueless. To pray, the women put on these white amira type scarves, kind of like those 1 piece really long prayer garments that go over the head? The scarf part covers all the way up to the chin and the scarf stops right under the lips, kind of like Shafi3i style hijab. What was really interesting to me was that even if the particular woman was wearing a full black abaya and stuff she still put on the white over-cover. Beautiful.

They pray with their hands to the sides, so do I sometimes. (Maliki school of law) I didn’t grow up praying with my hands to the sides but I was used to the idea since my family is Maliki. Some Malikis pray that way and some don’t. I digress.
When I prayed Maghrib alone, I left my hands to my sides, ( I didn’t know we were going to pray Maghrib later on as well.)

But when we prayed in jam3a (congregation), I put my hands to my chest. I don’t know why. Was I having an identity crisis?

There was the adhan, it’s the same with the Ali waliuAllah part added.

So in the place where we did sujood, they put a long velvet rectangular carpet thingie in front of us with pictures of the kaba on each place where your forehead was supposed to go. Then there were optional rocks to use for your forehead. I didn’t use mine. Frankly because I didn’t notice it was there until after we prayed.

Then there was the prayer. The most interesting thing about the jam3a was the fact that the Imam says EVERYTHING out loud.

Like when you go into sujood, he says the adhkar out loud in the microphone, he says the adhkar in sujood on the mic as well. The tashahud. I had to say my own tashahud prayer though because I was getting really confused.

And he says a dua after salam. And it seems they make salam in congregation but not alone?

But the experience overall was beautiful. What can I say? I loved hearing the adhkar during rukoo3 and sujood. When I heard the shahada, it pierced me. The shahada is our uniting factor. We share the most important thing.

And I also want to comment on the community. MashaAllah. What a community. None of the petty racism that goes in Sunni mosques. These people truly fit exactly what I see as a Muslim in regards to their character and teh nur emanating from their faces. And no doubt they knew that our group was all Sunni and you would think they were our long lost sisters and brothers! And there was no petty dawah gimmicks or anything. If a big group of Shias came to our mosques would we be like that? I doubt it.

I hope I don’t sound too much like an Orientalist. There you have it.



  1. Umm Zaid Said:

    Salaam ‘Alaikum

    I just wanted to say that we used to have several Iranian families (related to the consul) who attended our masjid and school in NY and no one ever said a word to them about praying with the hands at the sides or being Shi’a. Actually, one of the older boys is one of the most popular kids at school. Only one person ever tangled with one mother and she was an extremist who was gone after three months (she was the type who gave graphic descriptions of hell to 5 yr olds).

    I don’t think the blog is available anymore, but perhaps through web archives you can read some of the posts about American Shi’a and race by Umm Ali (blog was called This Here Garden).

  2. tradicionalista Said:

    wa alaykom assalam

    that’s awesome Umm Zaid, thanks for that info

  3. […] second entry is from Tradicionalista: And I also want to comment on the community. MashaAllah. What a community. […]

  4. parallelsidewalk Said:


    I ran into a Shia dude I’ve met maybe once, the other night at the grocery store. He knows I’m not Shia but invited me earnestly to the Shia Jummah this Friday, and clapped me on the shouler in a friendly manner. When I meet Shia, they usually treat me like a brother, invite me to dinner, jummah, etc. Do Sunnis extend them the same courtesy? Not often, in my experience.

    Interesting blog, by the way. I will be back.


  5. tradicionalista Said:

    salam dave

    jazakAllah khair for your input, please do come back and give me your blog address too!

  6. Sumera Said:

    I’ve never been to a Shia mosque simply because I dont have a clue where the one in my city is. If I knew, I’d probably go and “see” what its like. My Shia friends arent crazed maniacs. Some of them are hesitant in admitting they are Shia because they’ll get a sour reaction, which I think is a great shame.

  7. Toure Said:

    I remember running into a Shia masjid unwittingly for asr, funny enough I felt something was different when I went through the door in retrospect.
    It was my first time there but every one was so happy to see me, it was a weird but a comforting feeling. I did notice slabs of stones of some type laying around but I really didn’t pay it any mind. I had missed the congregational prayer so I prayed alone.
    I am a Sunni muslim, of the Maliki Madhab and it was really reassuring to see the traditional sadl being practice in the west. It was amazing to see the similarities of the Maliki prayer and Shia prayer.
    I believe Sunni Islam really should honestly,take time to look into these shocking similarities of the Shia sect thats is suppose to be a deviant group compared to the Madhab of one the most prominent Sunni scholar and the jurists of Medina. Actually there was a second break in Islam with the Khariji or Ibadis of today and they too have similarities in their prayer.
    I think we should all keep an open mind for truth and traditional Islam.

  8. Roxanna Said:

    Honestly I really enjoyed reading this. You are soo open minded and it is nice to see not ALL Sunnis hate Shias. I go to a Sunni Mosque simply because I went to that school and grew up there and help serve food during Ramadan and when I go to pray I sometimes have women move away from me or stare at me haha so it is nice to see that there are excepting Muslims! 🙂

  9. Raz Said:

    Mashallah..we should all just unite under the banner of Islam..I want to see a Shia masjid too.

  10. Adil Cole Said:

    As-Salaamu Alaykum,

    As this is a site that states its intention to put forth the view of traditional Islam, I would suggest to the brothers and sisters that they read the works of the traditional Imams in regard to the Shia’. According to my readings they state that you should not pray behind them, in fact the ulama state that you should refrain from giving them the Salaams until they return from their fasiq behavior. A recent anecdote – my wife, who is not as “fanatical” as myself, was recently talking with the extended family of an Shia’ woman and my wife mentioned that our daughter’s name is Asha, which is the East African version of A’isha, and the lady started to laugh and mentioned that it was funny when she was growing up, because when she behaved badly her mother would call her A’isha. What a wretched mentality to disparage the “Mother of the Believers” like that. I know many a Shia’ from a particular community I used to be a part of, and you should hear what they really say about the Sahaba before you want to say “we are all one Ummah, why can’t we all just get along, etc.

  11. sacrosanct Said:

    wa alaiikom assalam

    listen, I don’t condone the bashing of any sahaba or the mother of the believers. I do hear horrible things that are said about them, I’m not naive anymore. But even with that….what?
    Like I said, I don’t think it’s very smart or very good to bash Sahaba.
    However, I have Sunni Muslim brethren who gang rape Muslim girls because they are not in “proper hijab” I have Muslim brethren who blow up buildings and kill innocents and who do a bunch of things that would qualify them as fasiq. I know you might think I’m comparing apples and oranges, but I really don’t.
    I’m not going to discount anyone as Muslim even if I fully disagree with what they do.
    It is not in our best interest to fight with anyone.
    If you believe it’s haram to pray behind a shia, I respect that, then repeat your prayer. There’s no reason to wreak havoc.

  12. Adil Cole Said:

    Sacrosanct –

    Yes, plenty of people do things that are fasiq – as you said. In regards to that you should not give Salaams to those either. They have to be shamed by people, if they have no shame for themselves to openly commit such acts. I do not say the Shia’ are not Muslim, though some sects aren’t (the ones that believe Jabril was supposed to give revelation to ‘Ali, etc.). The traditional way of behavior towards devaint groups is to leave them alone so long as they obey the Khalif, but not allow them to proseltyze their deviant ideology, though scholars should debate them to show the truth. Like you said – no need to raise havoc, I would not repeat my prayer; I would just not be in a position to pray behind one in the first place. If you believe something is haram, you should just not do it in the first place. Your statement is kind of like “eat ham with the Christians, then throw it up later”, lol, but kind of seriously – we don’t want to bend strong moral values just so we don’t seem “combative” (because we don’t want to wreak havoc).

  13. Anon. Said:


    Interesting post. I personally don’t hate Shia, as many of my close friends are Shia, but I am very, very wary of their beliefs. We happened to get a Shia tv channel via satelite recently, and what a revelation. Never have I seen a group of people so bigoted and full of hate and never have I seen a greater group of hypocrites. All day long they talk about how Fatima (R) and her sons were victimised by the Sunnis, and how they will get their revenge. They continuously praise Ali and Al-Hussain, but rarely do they mention the Prophet himself!

    The problem with the Shia is that they are ‘batiniyeen’ which means they will neven reveal to you their true intentions. This is not just with regards to religion, but that is the way they behave everyday. Of course they have a strong community spirit – as long as you are Shia mind. They all group together and support each other. This is beccause they are a minority compared to Sunnis, and they have their own agenda to pursue, namely strengthening the Shia faith. They take a lot of care to educate their children and reach positions of influence. Whereas the Sunnis are still steeped in the mire of ignorance and confusion.

    If you think the Shia are such wonderful people here are a few examples of their behaviour:

    1. A facebook group has been created against Dr. Zakir Naik because he praised Yazid. Now that group wall is covered with messages from people saing they hope he goes to hell. Lovely people.

    2. During the recent Lebanon war, a group of Shia took refuge in a school which had the word ‘Omar’ in its name. Upon entering, they crossed his name out and wrote ‘Ali’ instead. Such open mindedness. They obviously don’t just bash the Sahaba, they positively detest them. These are people who have been promised Jannah by Allah, and yet the Shia curse them!

    3. These people believe that Aisha (R), the wife of the Prophet (saw) commited zina! And the punishment in Sharia of one who accuses a chaste woman of zina is that they should be whipped, and their testimony never accepted in a court of law. That’d be all the Shia then.

    4. I one asked a Shia friend why they joined the prayers together (duhr and asr, maghrib and isha’), when the prophet never used to pray like this. Her response? ‘Maybe the Prophet was wrong’! Now I’m not sure how you guys were brought up, but that’s a pretty awful thing to say in my book. As if the Prophet (saw) is not able to teach us how to pray but their Imams can!

    5. Look at what the Shia in Lebanon are doing to the country. They make it no secret that they want to establish their own Shia state within Lebanon itself. Remember before the Shia-Sunni divide, we were ALL muslims. They split from us.

    Sorry for the long post, but this is something I feel our community needs to be aware of…

  14. tradimmigrant Said:

    Asalaamu ‘alaykum,

    I have Shia family members and friends. We’re good friends and I give them the benefit of the doubt and try not to be suspect their intentions. After all, it is the Sunni thing to do. If you look at the views of Sunnis towards the Sahaba and look at the views of Shia towards the Sahaba, a big difference is that Sunnis give the Sahaba the benefit of the doubt and have a good opinion of them as they were selectively chosen by Allah to be in the company of the Prophet (PBUH). IMHO, for those of us living in the West, being distrustful of Shia will only make non-Muslims distrustful of Muslims in general. How many times is taqiyyah used to describe Shia and consequently all Muslims by Islamophobes on TV?

    As far as praying behind them, I don’t knowingly do it for fiqh reasons. My Shia friends know this and know it is not personal and from what I can tell don’t make a big deal out of it.

  15. Adil Cole Said:

    Good Post – Anon. As far as your examples – for # 1: I don’t know who Dr. Naik is, but that is alittle harsh to tell him to go to hell, though I don’t know why he would praise Yazid, as according to history he was a tyrannical ruler who openly drunk wine and performed various other sins. For # 2 – Sick # 3 – Exactly! # 4 – Sick, once again it is statements such as these that actually border on outright kufr (disbelief). The Ahl as Sunnah believe that Rasulullah was perfected from any type of incorrect belief or action when it came to matters of the deen, excepting actions which Allah caused him to perform to show a better way, or an abrogation. Salat at 5 specific times during the day while a resident (not a traveller), is not an action that was ever deviated from, excepting certain days where extreme circumstances caused a devaition from the norm, such as when events occurring during the siege of Madinah caused the Muslims to miss ‘Asr salat, and they hade to make this prayer outside of its time period. A pretty awful thing in your book; basically kufr in mine (which is as awful as you can get, but that’s not how I was raised because I’m a convert, lol). My main thing is for Sunnin Muslims to just be careful in their associations with Shia, as one of the main goals of the “unity” movement is to shift Sunni Muslims to their deviant beliefs, though they won’t express this from the start and will just say that “we’re all Mulsims, let’s pray together, learn about each other, etc. As I stated earlier, I was a member of a community that supported unity between Shia and Sunni, and who studied the Iranian revolution and the establishment of the “Islamic” Republic of Iran more than we studied the rule of the 4, or Umar Ibn Abdul-Aziz, or the establishment of (Sunni) Islamic states in Africa, such as the Sokoto Empire of Uthman Dan Fodio, etc. But for all of this talk of unity, I never saw a Shia come from their masjid and become a part of ours, but I saw plenty of our (Sunni) patrons become Shia. I, however, went the opposite way after reading classical texts, such as the Shifa’ of Qadi Iyad, and became staunch in my opposition to those whom the classical texts refer to as Rafidite {a term which I actually think is more accurate, as Shia came from Shia ‘Ali – the party of ‘Ali – which I do not believe to be a good term, as a member of the party of ‘Ali would actually not curse Abu Bakr, Umar, etc. as he (RAA) refused to do so; whereas Rafidite means the group of the rejectors (as they reject the Khalifates of Abu Bakr, etc., or they reject that they were righteous Muslims)}

  16. abdo Said:

    how many shia are there in sokoto or nigeria do u know?

  17. Adil Cole Said:

    In reply to Abdo – Not very sure on an exact number, but it is very small, though they do have some because I recently read about a Sunni preacher being shot by a Shia for talking about them probably in a similar way that I did in my post, I think that was in a different city though. If you are talking about pre-Modern era, then the answer would be nil. Shia’s in Nigeria are a recent introduction.

  18. Mohammad Ali Said:

    In the Name of Allah Most Beneficent and Most Merciful



    Dear Sirs

    As’Salâm Alaikum Wa’Rahmatullâhi Wa’Barakâtuh

    I am sending you a request or appeal for your consideration and a discussion with other Muslim scholars for archiving this goal for showing the unity of Ummah. I hope you will consider this appeal and do this job.

    Accept my kind wishes and best regards.

    May Allah guide us.

    Wa `alaykum Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    We shall guide those who strive in our cause to the paths leading to us. Surely God is with those who do good.








    In the light of Recent Sermon of Arafat – Dhul Hijja 9, 1427/ December 29, 2006

    “Prayer behind one Imam teaches the unity of Ummah” – Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh

    This initiative may seems difficult to be accepted by all sect of Ummah but it can be made possible if true sprit of the Unity is kept in mind by all the Ayatollahs, Muftis, Scholars, Imams. If we will not be successful in implementing the decisions for the Unity of Ummah, the anti Muslim powers will succeed in their plans for the division of Ummah, which they have been doing so far and forcing the Muslim nations to a battle field (also mentioned by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh in his recent sermon of Arafat). The current scenario of the world and conditions of Muslims all around the globe eagerly need major steps to be taken as soon as possible, by the religious leaders of Ummah.

    The foremost and important problem that Muslim nations are currently facing is the sectarian differences, majorly between the Shia and Sunni Muslims. Anti-Muslim hidden powers are continuously struggling for the dividing of Ummah through different angles/plans to fulfill their agenda needs. These powers are creating differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims especially in Middle East as well as in other Muslim countries. The Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh clearly indicated this threat in his recent sermon of Arafat – Dhul Hijja 9, 1427/ December 29, 2006. He also stressed the need of Unity among Muslims is the key to safeguard their interests. (In the sermon Grand Mufti said ” Prayer behind one Imam teaches the unity of Ummah”.

    Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei on Zilhajjah 3, 1427 issued a message on the occasion of the great hajj congress.

    As far as the political aspect of the hajj is concerned, the main objective pursued by this pilgrimage is to display the unified identity of the Islamic Ummah. The separation of Muslim brethren from each other paves the way for those with malevolent intentions and helps the seeds of discord grow among Muslims.

    The Islamic Ummah comprises various nations and races and followers of different Islamic schools of thought. This diversity, which is accompanied by geographical dispersion in a volatile and important region of the planet Earth, may be regarded as a strong point of this great community which makes its common heritage and culture and history more efficient in a vast expanse of land and puts a multiplicity of human and natural capabilities and potentials at its disposal.

    Ever since their encroachment on the Islamic countries, Western colonial powers have been cognizant of this point, and they have been constantly engaged in divisive provocations. Colonial politicians knew well that if the unified identity of the Islamic world was formed, it would pose an obstacle to their political and economic domination.

    Consequently, they sowed the seeds of discord among Muslims through long-term and intricate machinations and, in line with this wicked policy, took advantage of the negligence on the part of the ordinary people and the feeble will on the part of political officials and cultural authorities and achieved their goal of dominating the Islamic countries.

    The suppression of liberation movements in the Islamic countries over the past century and the colonialists’ domination of those countries and the establishment or the bolstering up of despotic regimes there and the plundering of their natural resources and the destruction of their human resources and the Muslim nations’ lagging behind in science and technology all have taken place as a result of discord and division and alienation, which in some cases even resulted in enmity and altercation and fratricidal conflict.

    The present stage is a historic and decisive era. The Islamic elite, scholars and intellectuals are shouldering a momentous responsibility at the present stage. Any weakness of purpose, unprincipledness, ill-will and neglect of duty on their part may lead to a tragedy. The Islamic Ulema should not remain silent in the face of measures that are aimed at fomenting religious schism and discord. Muslim intellectuals are expected to imbue youngsters with hopes and aspirations. Islamic politicians and statesmen should call for the public presence on the scene and rely on their nations. Islamic governments are expected to consolidate their solidarity with one another and utilize this genuine power in the face of the threats posed by the hegemonic countries.

    These irrational and spiteful acts have provided conclusive evidence for Muslim nations and contributed to their Islamic awakening. Today, whether they like it or not, a deep-rooted movement has begun in the Islamic world, and this movement will culminate in the independence, dignity and revival of the Muslim Ummah in due course. ”

    Muslim Countries and Islamic Organizations are trying to settle issues between Shia and Sunni Muslim especially in Iraq. Few months back the Saudi Government took a major step by arranging a conference of Shia and Sunni Muslims of Iraq in the Holy City of Makkah tul Mukarram, but the result did not come up to the expectations. Similarly the Iran government is struggling for peace and harmony in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. A major step, in this regard, by Iran government was the provision of financial and moral support to Hammas government in Palestine. On the other hand the Anti-Muslim elements are working rapidly for the division of Ummah, between shia and sunni, to fulfill their satanic aims and also to capture the resources of Muslim countries. Few months back an expected future map of revised territorial division was also introduce via media by these Anti-Muslim groups. The map was clearly showing the division of Muslim countries on ethnic and sectarian basis ( i.e. the Saudi Arabian, Iranian, Pakistani, Afghan territory were clearly divided and also division of Iraq on sectarian basis). If the planner succeeds in his planning then Muslim Ummah divided for centuries

    We all understand that we have, so far, been unsuccessful in eliminating differences between the two major sects but this does not mean that we should lose hope and sit doing nothing for the remedy of the problem.

    1. Arrange meetings of Muslim Scholars for discussion on this matter from all sect’s of Muslims i.e. Scholars, Imams, Muftis and Ayatollahs and finalize

    2. Muslims of all sects should offer Joint Friday Prayers behind one Imam in their respective area of the world (each and every Friday) to promote Unity and Harmony among Muslim Ummah. For reference we can refer back to the last sermon of Hazrat Mohammad PBUH at Arafat – which gives the definition of Muslim and Unity of Muslim).

    3. Imams from different sects may be invited to lead the prayers for a particular Friday. The Imams should be encouraged to promote the Unity and Harmony of Ummah. The Prayers must be offered in the same manner as are being offered in both Holy places (i.e. Makkah tul Mukarama and Madina Al Munawara). People from all sects should offer their prayers behind one Imam in the manner as prescribed by their Fiqah and no one should be discouraged or discriminated.

    4. The media of Muslims nations should also play its pivotal role for the promotion of this activity ( i.e. through talk shows, documentaries, discussions, and live coverage of Joint Fridays Prayers in different areas of the World, and etc)

    The Muslims are believe in the appearances of Hazrat Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Essa (AS)

    The Muslim scholars are in a better position to provide opportunity and ground for the Ummah to start offering their prayers behind one Imam and wait for time of appearance of Hazrat Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Essa (AS)

    I am very confident that Insha-allah this initiative will definitely be a major milestone for the Unity of Ummah. Again to clarify this for all Muftis, Scholars, Ayatollahs and Imams that this initiative is aimed at Unity of Muslim Ummah. I request all the Muftis, Scholars, Ayatollahs and Imams to please keep the Unity of Ummah in mind while taking decision on the matter above.


    And hold fast, all together, by the Rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favour on you; for ye were enemies and He jointed your hearts in love, so that by His Grace ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the Pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make his signs clear to you; that ye may guided.

    (Surah 3 : 103 Al Imran)

  19. Muslim Said:

    Shia Islam is a great danger to our Islam, I have known a lot of Shia and I have debated with many shia about their believes. I came to one conclusion about this misguided shia believe that was established by a jew. These shia have too much hate for the Suhabah and any one who praises them. Their Ulu Ma’a has explicitly said that any one who is not shia is not a muslim and they are not allowed to pray behind the sunnies. They basically called all the sunnies as Kuffar

    The make Ali RA and his sons more important than all the messengers except prophet mohammed pbuh (they claim that the 12Imams are in the same level as our beloved prophet pbuh) that Allah has sent to guide the people. They believe that Imams know the unseen, they believe that the Imams know all the knowledge of the religone including the holy books that were sent before the Quran, they believe that their Imams are infallible and without the Imam presence in this world it will be destroyed, They believe that the Imams will be judging the people in the day of judgment and sending who ever they want to haven and who ever they want to hell. They believe that all the Suhabah apostated after the death of the prophet and were only munafiqs except three of four (Amar Ibn Yaser, Bilal, and Suliman Alfarsi)

    Their greatest scholars have published many books that proofs that the Quran has been changed and its not the same Quran that the prophet delievered. also when it comes to the tafseer of the Quran they twist and change the meaning of the Ayahat so they can proof their false Aqeeda.

    According to their scholars their # 1 enemy is Abo Baker then Umer and then Satan. they believe that Imam Al-Mahdi when he comes he will go to the grave of abo baker and umer and bring them back to life and he will torture them and kill them and bring them back to life many times.

    Sunnies should take serious action against this cancer and and cut it off the Muslim body before it spreads all over the body.

    One last thing about the Shia is the Taqiyyya thing they always do when talking to a sunnie. This is how they can lie to you and tell you all what makes you think positively about their believes while its all actual lies. According to the shia their Imam Jafar RA says that the Taqiyya is his deen and the deen of his ancestors and who does not practice Taqiyyya (lie) is as if he has not religone and another quote for the same Imam he says that Taqiyya is 90% of the deen. how can you trust any one who believes in such a thing this the real hypocrisy Allah SWT has mentioned in the Quran.

  20. Syed Bukhari Said:

    Dear Brothers and Sister who are reading this blog would like to add is that not every muslims be shia sunni are all the same and if u areamuslim momin then u believe in allah and rasool and in the main books tora anjee zabur quran and a muslim saying another muslim is a non believer it makes islam mukru for himself proofreadthe quran it allahs word and yes i believe that alot of shia muslim may say things about sahaba but that a minoroty so they areall not the same we should unite and get rid ofthese ahmedia and whabis that are trying to make us fight each other another usa properganda the differance between shia sunni in the aqeeda is calaphite thats it not is so stop political arguments a sahaba is on asahaba they can do wrong as well read bukhari and muslim and then get the facts so pls all muslim be 2gether in factwe can go all day on arguing pety things
    so ALLAH ho Akbar Ya Rasoolalah Ya Ali

  21. Mohammed Said:

    As Salamu Alaikum. I am a Sunni by birth. But I prefer to be just called a muslim. I have limited knowledge and I dont know what is right and wrong. I currently dont have means by which I can verify who is correct. Sunni(Hanafi, Shafi, Malliki, Hanabli) or Shia. I pray to Allah to guide us muslims to the right path. As of know all I can say is that I love Allah, our beloved prophet (peace be upon him), Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fathima, Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain (peace be upon all of them) more than anyone else. Also there is no fool proof way of knowing how the relations between Hazrat Ali and the other Sahaba’s were. So based on what my heart says, I even love Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Omar and Hazrat Uthman (may peace be upon all of them). We should also remember that Hazrat Uthman bought Hazrat Ali’s sheild so that Hazrat Ali could pay for his Mehr(for marriage with Hazrat Fathima). He later gave the same sheild as a wedding gift. I doubt whether the relations between the sahabas were strained. But Allah knows best. I beg Allah to guide me and all muslims to the right path. May Allah forgive me if I have spoken wrong.

    Maa Salama.

  22. Sayyed Rizvi Said:

    apparently shias look good muslims, they r disguised as muslims but when u practice shiaism in routine , one will notice that shiaism is a diverted sect from the mainstream of islam. at first every one try to be very polite and full of love so that they can attract you to their sect. basically shiasim is based on hatred, mostly weak hadiths, many fabricated hadiths, misinterpretation of quran to proof their own dogma, if one see into them simply, one will find them practicing some thing which was not practiced by our rasool allah s.w.s or even by imam ali a.s. just take the example of Eid e ghadeer, imam ali a.s was present at the ghadeer e qum, but he never celebrated it as an Eid, neither he ordered to do so even when he was Khaliph himself, why because addition in islam is haram and it makes it out of islam. whereas shiaism is full of addition, all the rituals in shiaism are out of islam like Matam, noha, tabarah, taqiyya, turba, even at later stages they have amended the kalima and azan as well. then comes fabrications based on those fabricated stories shias disrespect the family of rasool allah s.w.s and abause His wives and companions, they use very dirty words for the beloved wives of rasool allah s.w.s One shold be aware of shias, they show affection but internally they are very different people. May Allah save us form the Shar of Shaytan.

  23. Sayyed Rizvi Said:

    appearance of imam mehdi or essa a.s both are non quranic and this concept is found in the hadithses only, mostly i sunni books. this make it a bit dubious. if such and important even had to happen Allah would have given a slightest hint in the Quran, Allah has mentioned surah e Kahaf, but did not say any thing about such an important issue that whole foundation of shiaism is based on his appearance. it occurs to me that to protect imam mehdi from being killed people would have hid him and spread a rumour that he had been vanished and will appear again with Essa a.s. if this had to happen this important event would have definitely been given in quran. Hadithses are mostly dubious, no matter what sunnies say how authentic they are, whereas shias are master in fabrication of hadtihs. so this is adubious idea of imam mehdi.

  24. umma ali Said:

    as a shia muslim, i appreciate your post. thank you for being open and kind. as i scanned through your comments, my heart trembled and broke at reading comments about shia’ism as a “cancer” and a “threat” to islam. i have many sunni friends and we are kind and civil to each other, as all humans should be. i do not want to be part of any debate, i just want to say that i am glad that your post was informative and positive. btw, the shias in my center do not wear the white cover-all that you talked about, so maybe that’s just some. jazakaAllah.

  25. Brahim Said:

    The issue does not pertain to Salah per se, salat is a virtuous act which we should not condemn!!
    But it pertains to these people whom some ignorant members of the Ahlel Sunnah pray behind with, that claim that the Best people of the Ummah of Muhammad (sallahu ‘aleyhi wasallam) became apostates after his death (i.e the Sahabah)
    Are you willing to pray behind those who invent lies about the honorable Ahlel Bayt (radhiallahu ‘anhummaa)
    Can you pray behind people who attack and bash those whom Allah (‘azza wa jal) was pleased with??
    Would you pray behind such a person who insults Abu Bakr (radhiallahu ‘anhu), whom the Prophet called as-Siddiq!
    Would you pray behind a person who accuses ‘Aisha (radhiallahu ‘anh) of Zina, who was the wife of the Prophet in this World and the Hereafter??
    WOULD YOU???
    By all means, not ALL Shi’i follow this evil course, BUT since most of them grew up into this slanderous culture, it is incumbent upon us NOT to pray behind them!
    And another reason of course is that they are the major innovators within Islam!!

  26. Djibril Sankofa Said:

    As salaam alaykum,

    I believe the first thing that all Muslims should keep in mind is what is our aqeedah? The only thing that makes one a Muslim is the verbal profession: La ilaha illallah, Muhammadar Rasullallah (S.A.W.). After this profession then it becomes incumbent upon “the Muslim” to believe in salat (minimum of 5 prayers daily), tawhid (God being the ultimate and only reality), nubuwwat (prophethood – especially the finality of prophethood as seen in Muhammad (S.A.W.), the Qur’an being the final word of God and its being untampered with, and Yawmul Qiyamah. These beliefs are the bottom line beliefs for any who call themself Muslim. It is not good to stereotype all or some people if you don’t know all. All each of us can do is speak on our own individual experiences. I am Muslim. Have been Muslim for almost 20 years. Took shahadat while a teenager and my faith is Islam. However, I understand Islam through the madhahab of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.). The madhahab of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) is diverse and dynamic as the schools of Malik (R.A.), Abu Hanifa (R.A.), (Shafi’i (R.A.), and ibn Hanbal (R.A.).

    Are there extremes? Yes? What religion does not have extremes? It should first be stated that the term Shi’i is a spiritual level. It is not a term to thrown around. Just like the term Sunni, if one wishes to be technical. The Qur’an talks of the Shi’i of Nuh (A.S.). However, these were not just mere people who “supported” Prophet Nuh (A.S.). They believed and practiced what he preached. In other words for one to be a Shi’i they have to follow the prophetic teachings in full or in the words of the 6th Imam of the Family of the Prophet, Jafar ibn Muhammad (A.S.) who was one of the teachers of both Abu Hanifa (R.A.) and Malik ibn Anas (R.A.), “You are not one of my Shi’i if you do not follow every commandmant of Islam.” He (A.S.) also said, “You are not one of us if there is one man in your town who practices the religion better than you.”

    But for polemic sakes, I’ll use the term Shi’i as most people do. Those who call themselves Shi’a have to be viewed by their credo just as a Maliki should not be confused with a Hanafi or a Hanbali with a Shafi’i. There are different groupings of Shi’i” Shi’i Ithna Ashari (Those who follow 12 Imams), (Shi’a Ismaili & the various sub-groups of them). Of the Ismaili, only one group does not pray regular salat as the majority of Muslims. That group being those who follow the Agha Khan. However, there are some who do pray regular salat but many do not as they are following their Imam. There are other Ismaili groups such as the Daoodi Bohra, Sulaymani Bohras, Alewi Bohras, etc. who do pray regular salat. Their legal codex is similar to the Shi Ithna Ashari.

    Among the Shia Ithna Ashari, there are mainly three schools of thought: Usooli (the ulema from this school of thought practice ijtihad but do not believe in the permissibility of ‘rayy.). Then there is the Akhbari school of thought who puts more emphasis on using hadiths than Qur’an and believe in the literal meaning of the hadiths. They do not make a distinction between sahih, daif, hasan, etc. If the hadith is recorded within the 4 four accepted books of traditions for the Shi’a, particularly the set of books by al Kulayni (R.A.) called Al Kafi, they accept the hadith. Then there is the Shaykhi school of thought which is similar to the Usooli but a mixture of that school along with a strong current of tasawwuf/irfan.

    Myself, I adhere to what is known as the Usooli school. This school is best exemplified by scholars such as Shaykh Fadhlallah (May Allah increase his noor), Agha Seestani (May Allah increase his noor), Agha Khui (May Allah elevate his station), Agha Khomeini (May Allah elevate his station), and many others. Each of these scholars have diverse and dynamic views concerning Islam but they use the usul to come to their conclusions regarding legal rulings. Not one of them has ever said that a Shi’a should not pray 5 times a day. We may pray at three time periods but we pray 5 prayers. We combine thr zuhr and asr and the maghrib and isha but we maintain space between the prayers so that the prayers are not run as one big prayer. The prophetic evidence for this can be found in the Sahih of Muslim. There are numerous traditions from Ibn Abbas (R.A.) permissibility of combining prayers. We pray with our hands down in keeping in line with the prophetic practice as noted by Malik did by “following the practice of the people of Medina”. Some of us add Ash hadu aliyyan waliullah in the adhan and iqamah but the majority (the overwhelming majority) has said this is not part of either the adhan or iqamah. If one says it out of love for Imam Ali (A.S.) seeking qurbat to Allah then there is no harm but if it is said with the understanding that this is wajib then that person’s salat is batil. This practice had two origins. One, there are traditions that state that Abu Dharr (R.A.) said it to the people after the Prophet (S.A.W.) announced Imam Ali (A.S.) as his successor at Ghadir Khumm. There are historical accounts of Imam Ali (A.S.)’s supporters saying it in the adhan and iqamah after Muawiya institutionalized the cursing of Imam Ali (A.S.). This practice was in vogue among the Umayyads until the great caliph Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (May Allah elevate him) stopped this travssty. It was because of the cursing on Imam Ali (A.S.), the great wrongs that were done to the Family of the Sublime Prophet (S.A.W.) that some developed animosity towards their other Muslim brothers and this goes both ways.

    However, I can continue on about history but what this comes down to is that this is the year 2008 and this is the information age. There is no reason for anyone to be “in the dark” about anyone’s faith or culture. There’s too much information available i.e. the internet, books (both good and bad), telephone, letters, TV, etc. What we all need to understand is that for every cause there is an effect and for every effect there was a cause. A Shi’a loves Allah and His Messenger (May Allah’s eternal peace & benedictions be upon he, his family and his companions) just as one from Ahlul Sunnah. We each live this path, this creed and inshallah, we seek the same goal which is ultimately, to be immersed in Allah so that we “peak only what Allah speaks, we see only what Allah sees, we hear only what Allah hears.” This is the Muhammadi way and this is the way of both Sunni and Shi’a. Please let’s stop the hate talk. I’m not a’lam but a sincere student/servant of Islam. If you have a question about what those who call themselves Shi’i believe ask me. If I don’t know we’ll journey together until we get the answer.

    P.S. I only call myself a Muslim. As I said before, the Imams (A.S.) the Family of the Prophet (S.A.W.) quoting from their grandfather, the Noble Messenger (S.A.W.) have made it clear that there are criteria that has too be met for one to be called a Shi’i of Ali which is to be a Shi’i of Muhammad (S.A.W.).

    May Allah bless you all and your families and friends.

  27. Mustafa Khan Said:

    Asalaamalaikum to all.

    One thing I want to comment on this blog is this:

    I have seen both sides of the aisle.

    I just think that as Muslims, we should be more concerned about unity than we should be of our differences. This sounds like something you always hear, but it’s true. Think about it, if the moderate Muslims, who practice Islam yet have an open heart, manage to unite together, we will not have these misunderstandings. I honestly can say that if you are truly a follower of Islam, then you would be the most kind-hearted, intelligent, wise and most cordial person of all. Who cares if you meet deviant, brain-washed extremists? Ignore them! The ultimate test is whether you did good for your fellow man! Open your eyes people!

    If the Prophet (PBUH) were to be alive today, you honestly think he would pursue the actions of the extremists? He would be a moderate, practicing Muslim with an open-heart and mind. And by that, I do not mean experimenting with other ideas. I mean, be accepting of others for their differences! Everyone is a creation, and so let them be. Nothing is forced!

    This nonsense of not saying Salaam to someone because they are Shia? Come on! How trivial is that? It’s not a sin to send peace to someone! The more I read about what is happening, and what has happened to the Muslim Ummah, it seems like the original message has been over looked.

    I am ever so happy that you went to the Shia Masjid and realized that they are not a deviant sect. And for those who think Shias hide their intentions or do Taqiyah….why would that be the case? If they are all amongst themselves, why would they hide their faith among their Shia brothers and sisters?

    I believe that one’s faith is personal and that’s it, and it shouldn’t be something advertised and forced on to other ppl. Let’s get one thing straight, the actions of people of a certain faith or denomination does no way guarantee that it is condoned by the outlines of their respective religion. So let’s not attack a sect based on your “experiences” with certain people. And, above all, let’s not play Holy and keep ourselves above the others, for I think we are all somewhat guilty of the skeletons we hide in our closet.

  28. sakina Said:

    These agruments not gonna help anyone…
    we all are Muslim and should respect each other

  29. Fazal Mehmood Said:

    Djibril Sankofa, Can you answer me as to why shias go and perform grave worshipping.? SHias say, that any of the twelve imams graves can be prayed to as an intercession (link) to Allah?

    What kind of heresy is this? What will any shia say when Allah asks why you prayed to some dead body first instead of praying to him directly? All these practices were inculcated by people who favored Ali (r.a) as Muhammad p.b.u.h direct successor.

    It basically means shias never understood the meaning of Shirk (mixing of allah’s name with someone else/associating someone else with Allah) and go on doing their shirk.

    When, this is pointed out they say people who are not shia are kuffar, but anybody who does grave worshipping is best described as a Kuffar.
    what is the point of constructing tomb stones over a dead body. A human being is made from sand and shall return to sand. Muhammad s.a.w. had himself told Ali to demolish any tombs and made it illelegal as he also did the same with Mutah.

    BUt shiahs glorify this banned practise and if you read iraninan literature you’l find horrendous things written like any person attains paradise by doing the maximum number of mutahs!

    besides addition of ALiunwaliulah to the kalimah itself is the first indication that shias cannot be muslims. How can you pollute the Kalimah by adding whatever you like?

    Shias say mehdi has the complete quran! what blashphemy is this?
    that is why regular muslims feel free to call them kaafirs rightly no matter how much they claim to be recievers of Ahl- bait.

    Cursing of companions , suggesting that Ali was the right successor, creating fake hadiths, saying Taraveeh was invented by Umar (r.a) all goes to show that after the passing away of Allah’s rasool Muhammad s.a.w. , the enemies of Islam were ready to create a discord among the believers in the name of a family member being favored a caliphate. Islam does not allow successorship based on Family ties and then again, where is the concrete proof that Muhammad s.a.w. said to ALI that he is his rightful successor?

    If this incident were true, why did Ali reject the caliphate 3 times as it went on From Abu bakr,umar, and uthman?
    If this incident were true , would Ali keep quiet about the divine instruction of Muhammad sa.w?
    If this incident were true then why did ALi offer his daughters hand in marriage to Umar, whom you shias curse like nobody’s business.
    IF this incident were true why did ALi never show any disrespect to any of his senior companions?

    The simple answer to all the above is that Islam was attacked by its enemies and these enemies took the route of claiming divine successorship to hijack the Ahlul Bait and claim that they are the right muslims.

    Why did the majority of the people select Abu bakr ,umar and uthman and then ali as caliph, does it mean that they did not care Ali was the cousin of muhammad saw or does it mean that they were all biased. here again the answer is simple, Ali himself did not accept the caliphate as he knew that Abu bakr,umar and uhtman were senior companions than him and out of sheer respect and love for them he declined and rightly accepted what was his when his turn came.

    The same people who call themselves shia, killed Ali. A kharajite, who was as a supporter of ali killed ALi as the time was right and as ali had backed out and reached a settlement with Muawiyah.

    But how many people know that these same murderers also killed the noble Umar (r.a.) and Uthman Ibn Affan (r.a.) ? ?

    Next to Muhammad S.a.w grave is Abu bakr’s and Umar’s grave and their is just a small slab to indicate who they are.
    But on the contrary shias glorify their Imams bu building huge mausloleum’s and seeking intercession with Allah ! Astaghfirullah , these pagans cannot be muslims!

    If the whole idea of shiism was true then it would have flourished in Saudi Arabia, but the fact is shias do not even represent 10% of muslims around the world, and as they left Saudi arabia they got hold of Iran, which was persia before, a Sunni muslim country entirely. But then the infidel Shias came and converted Iran into Shia country and also tried doing the same with Iraq, but failed. But now after Saddam being dead they want to do the same and and convert Sunni majority Iraq into pagan shia religion state.

    Beating themselves up, letting blood flow away terrorizes other non muslims during Ashura and they think that Islam is about violence, temporary marriages (mutah) , grave worshipping (performing Sijdah in front of their fake imams) and calling the keepers of Mecca as Infidels.

    Thats why khomeini has written in his book that the only way muslims will recognise shias is by conquering Mecca, and he also says that when he conquers Mecca he’l go and dig up the Infidels ABu bakr and Umar! If this is not heresy then what is?

    These pagan shias attacked Mecca in 1987 but by the Will of Allah were shot to death by the protectors of Mecca. Why would anybody in his right mind who calls himself a muslim would go and attack the very epicentre of ISLAM , the place were every real Muslims faces and prayes to Allah?

    That’s because shias are not muslims, they will never be.

    Morseo after the shias origniated, the twelvers (who believe in 12 imams) the sevenrs who believ in 7 imams, and under them come the ismailis and dawwodi bohras , khojas.

    Bohras pray to their present Imam,and khojas are worse than them, they hang a picture of their Aga Khan and pray to him!

    This just shows that shias believe in everything else except ALLAH and for this there is only one result = Hell.

    How dare these miserable humans call themselves as muslims!

  30. Razvi Said:

    SHia = Muslim ? Sounds as bad as Christians or jews = Muslims !

  31. Husam Said:

    “These people believe that Aisha (R), the wife of the Prophet (saw) commited zina! And the punishment in Sharia of one who accuses a chaste woman of zina is that they should be whipped, and their testimony never accepted in a court of law. That’d be all the Shia then.”

    No Shi’a believes or says such rubbish. To say Aisha committed zina would be kufr, because she was cleared of those accusations in the Qur’an, which is the word of Allah (swt).

    “4. I one asked a Shia friend why they joined the prayers together (duhr and asr, maghrib and isha’), when the prophet never used to pray like this. Her response? ‘Maybe the Prophet was wrong’! Now I’m not sure how you guys were brought up, but that’s a pretty awful thing to say in my book. As if the Prophet (saw) is not able to teach us how to pray but their Imams can!”

    That’s a lie as the Prophet (saw) never made a mistake and was sinless (masum).

    Then there is the lie about the angel making a mistake. Newsflash: Angels cannot and do not make mistakes.

    These lies were invented by the kuffar or by the Wahabis to divide up the Muslims. Another possibility is that Alawis might have made such heretical statements and you thought they were Shia, whereas the Alawis are not Muslims. Alawis think Ali is God, astaghferulah. They have no connection with Shias.

    Let’s see who was talking bad about the Prophet of Islam (saw). It is in the Sunni books. When the Prophet (saw) was dying, it was said by one of the Sahaba there that the Qur’an was sufficient for them and that the Prophet (saw) was talking nonsense when He asked for a piece of paper to write something down for them. This incident is well-known. The Prophet (saw) never makes mistakes, not even when he was dying or ill.

  32. The servant of Islam Said:

    Assalamo aalaykom wa rahmato ALLAH wa barakatoh w el salat ala Mohammed w ala ahleh el tayebeen w el tahereen.

    I liked what i was reading so i said i should share with u what i have, so anyone who is interested in knowing more about Shi’ism pease contact me using my email harb89@hotmail.com

    Also please can anyone tell me where i can find a Shiite mosque in San Francisco

    May ALLAH bless u all.


    live like ALI, die like HUSSINE.


  34. Fazal Said:

    Well Shias do not have anything to do with Islam. They do not practise basic things like spreading Da’awah (invitation to Deen (religion) ) , but spend their time prostating before graves of HUman beings (the 12 imams) which is basically called paganism, and does not have any connection with Islam,& simultaneously cursing the Prophets companions. Islam follows praying to the One God, the creator, the sustainer, the giver “ALLAH”. Shi’ism follows grave worship. Every shias is told that if they cannot perform Hajj, then the least they can do is perform pilgrimage to dead bodies of Human beings.

    Even if the whole world turns into SHia paganistic Cult, the holy land of Makkah & Medina will remain unotuched by this cult.

  35. A Muslim then a Shia Said:

    Same as usual. Full of allegations by the orthodox Sunnis who couldnt bear this beautiful thread and love that was coming in. I have answers to most of the crap being said here because i converted from Sunni to Shia. Infact im the only Shia in my whole Sunni family. My parents n brother knows it uptil now n we live with so much love and happiness. Infact with Shia Islam i came to know the real Islam … Here i dont wana mess up like some others who are bound in Shia hatred and prejudice. Because i believe Shia + Sunni = Islam …. Here im a Muslim first …. Its disheartening to see the prejudice that has been shown by some brethen here. May ALLAH guide them …

    A Muslim then a Shia

  36. syed aquil kazimi(pali ,bihar,india) Said:

    All the blames on shia`s were created by fals hadith,if you are a student of islamic history then you can easily know that all six books of sunni`s sah e sitta are 80 percent wrong zaif ahadith and 4 sahi books of shia ahadiths are also not fully correct about 40% zaif incorrect ahadith,these ahadith were created by the westfull inerest of that times people the keep islam divided and as per Quran only ten sahaba`s are correct not all,and as per Quran ayate tathir Ahlebeits are sinless and jannati people,
    so for the sake of islam we muslims should follow only Quran and following of haditn is not mentioned in quran,sahaba are very well descriebed in Sure waqeya,wrong sahaba will go to hell and among right sahab sabequn minal awwalun are preffered.khumsd and mutah is mentioned in quran and tarabi is not mentioned.then why sunni`s are claming themself as true muslims?all muslims are true beliver wheater shia or sunni its not matter ,main thing is Quran you can judge your religious practice through that only.

  37. Mohammed H. Said:

    Salaam unalikum…
    After googling this subject I came across your blog…
    Tonight was the last night of Qadr and I realy wanted to go to a masjid overnight. I spoke with a Somali brother I know and he invited me to the one he goes to. We got there around 3a.m and I quickly joined in prayer. The only difference was I placed a turba in front of me. After about an hour, another brother kept tapping me while I was praying. I kinda ignored him untill I finished then looked at him and was like whats up? He pointed at the turba asking me what it was. I wanted to get back to praying and talk to him about it later but he kept insisting. I tried to explain to him as simply as I could and he said I cant used that in the masjid because it distracts him. After that we went in a room and had a discussion and thats when I realized I was talking to a brick wall. He was stuck on what he beleaved and so was I. I ended it by saying look, we both here worshiping Allah, why you worried bout how I pray? But they wasnt having that. So they pretty much stood there looking at me in a way that they were waitting for me to leave. So I left. Now I’m here trying to figure out if I was wrong for even going there. Or if nobody was wrong. Or if he was wrong. Whatever the case… I’m not in a too good of a mood right about now.

  38. sacrosanct Said:

    Mohammed H. I am truly sorry this happened to you.
    What can I say except, “May Allah Guide the Muslims.” Amin

  39. sabrin Said:

    assalam 3laykum warahmatallah wa barakato

    imam ali said: When a dead person is placed in his grave, four kinds of fire will cover him, but then the prayer will come and put one of them out, and the fast will come and put another one of them out, and then charity will come and put another one out, and knowledge will come and put the forth one out, and it will say : ‘If I had come sooner, I would have put all of them out, and given you delight for I am with you now, and you’ll not see anything else distressing.

    to start off with, i am a shia, but i have many sunni friends who i respect, and they respect me, we are brothers and sisters.
    but to all u sunnis who are critisizing the shia community, i think you should all stop, learn and find out for yourselves what the shia is. who are we? what is the real story?
    Firstly, i would like to make it clear that shias do not put imam ali (alayhi alsalam) higher than prophet mohammad (salla allah 3layhe wa alehe wasallam) its not true, its a lie. we believe in allah (subhanaho wata3ala) as our one and only god, the highest of all, which is what every muslim believes. we believe that muhammad is his messenger, his rasool, his example. he is the prophet of islam, and we love him from all our hearts. but we also love his beautiful family, ahlul bayt. how can all u people hate the family of ur own prophet, of our messenger and rasool? Fatima is prophet mohammad’s daughter. can u hate his daughter? the one we call “sayyedat nisaa al3alameen”?? She was married to imam ali allayhi alsalam, the first prophet of the 12. His mother fatima bintul assad, was pregnant with him, and she was at the kaaba. a beautiful miracle from allahwas sent upon her. the kaaba cracked open large enough for her to step inside!! Imam ali alayhi alsalam was born inside the kaaba! what does that tell u? how special is imam ali alayhi alsalam. She stayed in there for a few days, and came out with this beautiful baby. now this crack is covered by others who deny this miracle.

    Imam ali lived with the prophet ever since he was a young child. The prohet himself used to feed imam ali (a.s) and even sleep next to him at night! he taught imam ali alayhi alsalam everything. Imam ali married fatima alayha alsalam. Do u really think that fatima, the prophet’s daughter would marry a bad person?
    Imam ali and sayyeda fatima had two children named hassan (a.s) and hussain (a.s). prophet mohammad loved these two children, and he would say that they are the leaders of the young people of paradise. Imam ali was killed by being struck with a poison coated sword while in sujood in a mosque!!! r these people that killed him what u call muslims? r they the ones u really should love? is that what a mosque is for? to murder? kill? hate? or to love and be so caring like imam ali, that when he was once praying in a masjid, a poor man was asking for some money, imam ali took off his ring and gave it to him while praying?? how beautiful? these days peolpe think three times about selling soemthing if the profit ($$) isnt enough, but he just took it off and gave it to the man without even looking at him. These are just three of the twelve beautful members, imams of ahlul bayt allayhim alsalam. if you would like to find out more on ahlul bayt or shia please email me on (for.ahlulbayt@hotmail.com) and i will answer all the questions that u ask.
    So they are just a tiny fraction of the reasons we love ahlulbayt so much, our prophet loved them even more, also because of their beautful a3mal(doings) their beautiful sayings and teachings, and their beautiful spirit.
    In the war at karbala, imam hussain allayi alsalam sacrificed his family members, friends and himself for our muslim religion. even his 6 months old baby was killed, can u imagine seeing ur baby with an arrow stuck in its neck with blood flowing out? what would u do? maybe u would just have a heart attack? its amazing what ahlul bayt did and how beautiful these people of guidance are, but unfortunately all u people who have no knowledge just critisize them and talk about them in such a bad way, and every word that comes out is a lie. so is this making u think? because u should really be thinking hard. this is the truth and make sure u email me for any question and i mean any. i will answer it for u.
    assalamu alaykum wa rahmat allah wa barakato

  40. sabrin Said:

    very good website
    watch the online lectures (in english)
    maybe all u with no knowledge can think about what ur all saying..

  41. sabrin Said:

    prophet mohammad said: “ali is to me like aaron was to moses

  42. sabrin Said:

    this is just to let u all know that in my other comment (sabrin- 19th september 2009) i meant to say imam ali is the 1st of the 12 IMAMS not prophets. thankyou sorry for the mistake, it must have been all the comments that affected me all those bad comments.

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