Daniel Pipes writes against Arabic language school in New York

The Khalil Gibran International Academy is an Arabic language public school in Brooklyn, New York, Or a least not yet officially. Many people have been against this public school saying it’s a way to try to Islamize the whole country. (I hate myself for using that word.)

Here’s an article that Daniel Pipes wrote bashing the KGIA. I really hope this school makes it. I think they just want to teach arabic and teach the culture. That’s awesome and will make students more cultured and open-minded. And isn’t everyone saying that Arabic is the new Spanish? (I hate myself for using that phrase) Well, there are plently of Spanish-English immersion schools. It’s only a matter of time before high schools will start offering arabic as well.

So apparently the principal of the school was forced to resign after she defended the use of the word intifada on the t-shirt slogan. She said if you look up intifada, it only means to shake off. And she’s right. There’s no harm in the word. Just like jihad literally means exertion or struggle. But it still makes people uncomfortable. That said, what was she thinking? Is she crazy? Her school was already being critcized, don’t defend the word intifada. It was a bad move on her part even though I know she probably meant well.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is some balanced media covering the issue.

Here is the first article and the second.

But here is a horrendous set of links where people, of course Daniel Pipes included, brand the school as a “madrassa.”  (rolls eyes)

An Arabic Public School 



  1. Umm Zaid Said:

    Salaam ‘Alaikum

    The new principal is, according to the NY Post, an ardent Zionist (I think she’s an Orthodox Jew or was raised Orthodox) – which means she gets their approval and that of the likes of Pipes. She also doesn’t speak Arabic. Which, you know, is probably not that important in a school that aims to teach Arabic.

  2. tradicionalista Said:

    wa alaikom assalam,

    oh great that’s dandy!
    they would never do something like that at a Spanish immersion school- hire a principal that doesn’t speak Spanish…

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