For the first time, I am jealous of European Muslims (in a good way!)

Today I was at the Islamic Center of NYU and I participated in a talk with some Muslims from Bulgaria. They wanted to ask about Islamic education in America. So the Muslim Chaplain at NYU was talking about the NYU Islamic Center etc.

They asked us if we have an accredited Islamic universty in the United States yet. We said yes there is one called Open University in Virginia, (news to me) but it’s a distance learning program.

However, we have progressed in other ways because Muslim are going into academia and taking spots in the Islamic Studies Departments across the countries.

These people however established 3 Islamic high schools in Bulgaria and 1 Islamic accredited university. In their high schools they tecah Qu’ran, Hadith, Fiqh. Seerah, Islamic philosophy, Kalam, Islamic History, etc. For languages they teach Bulgarian, Arabic, and Turkish. The vast majority of the 0f the Muslims there are Turkish.

MashaAllah! I am proud of them. They are well established. The rhetoric about European Muslims vs. American Muslims have always been so negative towards European Muslims. I was talking to some Turkish girls from Germany and what they go through is horrible.

I was glad to know that these people have a positive lifestyle MashaAllah.


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  1. Umm Layth Said:

    I would love to study overseas

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