Fabricated Ahadith Regarding Women

Now inshaAllah I’m not committing a sin by posting these. I think I heard that it was haram to tell fabricated ahadith. However, I was wondering whether it was haram to tell as if they were true or haram as in to tell at all. I also remember hearing (from the same lecture) that it was actually good to tell them(fabricated traditions) if the purpose was to inform that they are fabricated. If someone thinks I’m doing more harm than good and if they heard some scholar say that it was bad, then let me know, inshaAllah.

طاعة المرأة ندامة

Obedience to a woman is regretful/remorseful.

لولا النساء لعبد الله حقا حقا

“If it weren’t for women, Allah would have been worshiped rightfully.” [i.e. as He should be]

شاوروهن خالفوهن

Take their advice and then oppose them (in that which they advised).

لا تعلموهن الكتابة ولا تسكنوهن الغرف

“Do not teach women to write (i.e. keep them illiterate), and do not let them live in rooms.”

And a statement also falsely attributed to Umar(R): “Do the opposite of women [i.e. of what they advice] for in opposing them is blessing.”



  1. parallelsidewalk Said:

    I think MOST ahadith are forged. Especially those concerning women. “If I ordered any human to prostrate to another, I would order wives to prostrate before their husbands”. Despicable.

  2. Danya Said:

    Where did you get these? Rather, where did you read that these were fabricated?
    I don’t think it’s a sin to inform people that hadith are fabricated 🙂

  3. Danya Said:

    parallelsidewalk, what is wrong with that hadith? I don’t think you understand it…

  4. Umm Layth Said:

    He doesn’t understand it. The hadeeth is so easy for me. I wonder if it’s because I was raised in a more traditional home where the women stayed home, men always worked. Allahu ‘Alam

    Weird narrations!

  5. tradicionalista Said:

    weird indeed!

    I’ll pull up those sources in a minute Danya.

  6. tradicionalista Said:

    Danya, The ahadeeth come from books of the “transmissions/isnad of weak ahadith” “silsilat al ahadeeth adae3fa”

    I got them from a book that I am reading and attempting to translate called tahreer al mara, by someone called sh. abdul haleem
    I’m sifting through the book with someone helping me, the book is sper academic but I love it mashaAllah.
    inshaAllah I’ll be posting from a lot of it.

  7. sister Im going to be realy dumb , and ask are you saying these hadiths are fabricated , some of them may make sense as to why in the taliban regime their woman just stayed at home . The girls never wernt allowed to go to school .

  8. parallelsidewalk- that hadeeth is not fabricated 🙂 theirs a good explanation for that

  9. yup they are fabricated

  10. Danya Said:

    confusedaboutlife, when the UN confronted the Taliban about their treatment of women, they did not use hadith to back up their stance, but rather a different legal principle, “public policy.” They are not against women being educated per se, for example, but due to the schools being limited, they gave boys priority. Whether you think male education should be given priority is another matter, but the source of their “oppression” is not hadith or even various legal rulings, but rather their own ijtihad. Allah knows best.

  11. Danya Said:

    oh, traditionalista,jazaki Allah for the source. SunniPath will be offering a hadith methodology course soon, you should take it 🙂

  12. Umm Yusuf Said:

    As far as I know it is doing a service to notify people of false hadiths. The harm comes in quoting them as guidance or trying to pass them off as authentic….which many people do unfortunatley. But posting them and informing people that they are false is in my opinion a good thing.

  13. I think it’s great that you are notifying people that these are fabricated hadiths, it is a must to inform people which are fabricated and which are saheeh so we know which ones to stay away from. Bark Allah feeki sister! Keep on!

  14. Yusuf Smith Said:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    There are actually entire books dedicated to detailing fabricated ahadeeth – Ibn al-Jawzi’s being the best known. However, that book is not the final word on the subject, as other muhadditheen have said that some of the “fabrications” recorded by Ibn al-Jawzi are in fact well-authenticated or just weak. What’s haraam is narrating a hadeeth you know, or even believe, to be fabricated so that people take it as a real hadeeth.

  15. Abu bakr. Said:

    As salaam alaykum,
    parallelsidewalk, you are a taalib ul ilm and should try to understand words when they relate to issues concerning the shari’ah. You should really meet a good teacher to explain to you the hadith you are calling a fabricated one.

    tradicionalista, read books that have true isnad and confirms the ways of the true followers of the deen. Not altered narrations and narrations to soothe our style and opinions but that which confirms the true Islam.

    And to the one who posted the ahadith, Jazak ALLAHU khairan. There is nothing wrong in letting people no about the wrong thing when it comes to acquiring ilm, so the Shari’ah says.

    May ALLAH forgive us where we erred. ALLAHU ‘alam.

  16. parallelsidewalk Said:

    I could meet any number of “teachers” who’d be able to put a positive spin on any hadith. In fact, one of the primary qualifications imams seem to have is to make the most horrible things sound rational and even loving.

  17. Danya Said:

    parallelsidewalk, horrible things can in fact be perfectly rational and great things can be irrational so I don’t think you want your test to be measured purely by rationalism. As for “loving,” well that is highly subjective.

  18. Shahrzad Said:

    Very good job you did. I can almost see some of hadiths have some conceptions of chritianity. Bcs in christianity, they believe that women are major of sin. Thank you 🙂

  19. Umm Layth Said:

    Danya, well said.

    It is the duty of men to maintain women and their families and thus, the priority went to them. But not all men were learning, so we should be just. There weren’t enough facilities, enough resources and teachers to teach while the country was repairing itself from war.

  20. Panjatani Said:

    Dude, no wonder your name is “Abu Bakr”. hilarious.

  21. AM Said:

    so what interpretation do you people take of the hadith describing that women should prostrate to their husbands? that hadith has been used in my Islamic study classes to tell us that we should drop out of school and get married :\

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