Gatherings are with a Trust from Zad al Talibeen

Gatherings are with a trust.

المجالسُ بالأمانةِ

Among the proper adab of gatherings is that one not reveal what was discussed unless not doing so would result in haram.



  1. Hafsa Said:

    I love that book. Something about it that you jus wanna read it over and over again, and memorize the words! sigh!

  2. me Said:

    salam, do u have any commentary for this hadith? i don’t really understand it. wasalam

  3. My teacher just said that generally when you go to any gathering you shouldn’t go around saying what was discussed in that gathering. You should just keep it to yourself. That should be a part of our adab in general. And there is a lot of wisdom in that because people become inconvenienced often because of that. Unless you NEED to reveal something then it’s ok.
    hope that help

  4. Umm Layth Said:

    One of my favorites as well!

  5. aslaamu alaikum

    here is the commentary from ‘Provisions for the Seekers’ book by Mufti Abdur-Rehman and my notes on this beautiful hadith (from a class i took). please read them inshallah. i hope they will be beneficial.

  6. an awesome commentary by Shaykh Hussain Abdul-Sattar.

    for this hadith.. AL MAJALISU BIL AMANATI
    the commentary starts at 47:00 minutes.

    listen to it here:
    [audio src="" /]


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