Imam Malik (ra) and Adab with Hadith

“It is told of Malik ibn Anas (d.795) the founder of the Malikite school of jurisprudence and one of the great hadith transmitters, that “when he intended to sit down to recite hadith, he performed the ablution, donned new garments, put on a new turban, took his place on the platform in awe, reverence, and great seriousness. As long as the lecture continued, incense was contantly burned. His reverence to hadith was so great that it happened in one session that a scorpion stung him sixteen times, and he did not show any sign of disturbance.”

(Annemarie Schimmel, And Muhhamad is His Messenger)



  1. parallelsidewalk Said:

    I’ve been reading a lot about Imam Malik lately. I disagree with a lot of his opinions but there’s no denying he was a brilliant and complex man who added much to the understanding of Islamic scholarship.

  2. Safiya Said:

    Salaam Alaikum,
    I recently switched to the Maliki madhab, so I find information like this very interesting.

    Have you got any reading material you could recommend to me?

  3. wa alaikom as salam safiya!

    Welcome to the coolest gang er um I mean madhab!
    😉 j/k

    Yes I have stuff to relay to you. I would start with Aisha Bewley’s site she has some awesome translations of basic maliki fiqh.
    Another blog andalus has compiled some great maliki fiqh resources 🙂

    I’ll email other stuff too if you’d like.

  4. safiya Said:

    Salaam Alaikum,

    Yes, please, I really would like. 🙂
    My email address is

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