Cute Ramadan Burger King Picture :)

ramadan BK



  1. Fulan ibn Fulan ibn 'Alim Said:

    hold in, is burger king halal? (this could be in a Muslim country though). Nice ad.

  2. Dude! Where did you get that??!!

  3. parallelsidewalk Said:

    I dislike large multinationals and fast food joints in particular but Burger King has been especially cool about extending the olive branch to muslims. There are Halal Burger King locations in Europe (and probably the Muslim world, but I only know for sure about the ones in Europe)and they put out ads like this. They’re aiight I guess.

  4. Hasan Said:

    Where’s that ad from? I found another one:

  5. im not sure actually, it was sent to me by a friend

  6. safiya Said:

    Salaam Alaikum,

    I like the ad. I really like that two of my favourite bloggers have already commented on it :).

    P.S I’ve left you my email address in the comments on the recent post about Imam Malik (ra). Jazak Allahu Khayran for your kind offer.

  7. mikaeil Said:

    disgusting , when will we learn that they don’t love us when will we stopp being their corporate slaves.
    they sell cheap food and say ramadan kareem and we think its good wake up muslimin !

  8. Cozy Sister Said:

    Oh, that’s fantastic. I’d love to have a halal burger king.

  9. Habiba Khan Said:

    ooh la la 🙂 me likey! I made this my facebook profile pic 🙂

  10. zaid Said:

    burger king is halal who told u it aint

  11. MADIHA MASUD Said:


  12. MADIHA MASUD Said:


  13. Khadeeja S. Said:

    haha, i just found this now, but its really cute 🙂
    and yeah, there are actually a lot of BK’s around the middle east, in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

  14. " msaber93 Said:

    nice from the best reasturant of burger in all egypt”

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