Breast Cancer Untreated in Saudi Arabia

I was reading this article. It was talking about how things like breast cancer often go untreated in Saudi Arabia, because of the stigma it has in society.

The article says that many women want to avoid being seen by a male doctor,

“One Saudi woman ignored the cancer growing in her breast because she didn’t want to risk a referral to a male doctor. Another was divorced by her husband on the mere suspicion she had the disease, while a third was dragged away from a mammogram machine because the technicians were men.”

Goodness gracious, what is this? I know the press tends to play these things up but still, if they don’t want to go to a male technician that’s fine but are they going to try and find female technicians? I hope so. Besides, I’m no fiqh scholar but I do know that the order of healthcare goes from Muslim female, non-Muslim female, Muslim male, non-Muslim male. (Let me know if that order is wrong.) It doesn’t say if there’s no Muslim female no health care!

However, I think this artcle was trying it’s best to be balanced wa Allahu alim. It told two outstanding stories at the end of it about very supportive Saudi husbands.

Fawzia al-Zewid, a 45-year-old mother of six, said her husband’s support was overwhelming after she was diagnosed with the disease two years ago. When she began losing her hair, he shaved her hair before shaving his. Her two young sons chose to do the same.

“They didn’t want me to have the only bald head in the house. What more support could you ask for?” said al-Zewid.

Last year her husband died of a heart attack.

“When he was alive, I wasn’t afraid of breast cancer,” she said. “Today, without his support, I am.””

Al-Amoudi has urged the kingdom’s clergymen to “enlighten the people and take up the issue of women’s health in their sermons.”

Ialso think that we do need to appeal to the male religious leaders to talk and be outspoken about women’s health and how important it is. These are the people that have an influence on the masses.

Here’s a picture of Laura Bush with 2 Saudi doctors.




  1. Manas Said:

    I agree with you there. Even alcohol is allowed as a medicine. That means something.

  2. Manas Said:

    God is Gracious and Merciful.

  3. ibngarcia Said:

    >> Another was divorced by her husband on the mere suspicion she had the disease

    This does not even remotely make sense. The disease and the cure for the disease is from God, why do people behave in such an ignorant manner.

    It also seems that instead of following the spirit of the religion some people have started following the rules.

  4. ibngarcia Said:

    .. people have started following the rules for the sake of following the rules. 😦

  5. Yusuf Smith Said:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    According to the Reliance of the Traveller, same sex comes before same religion. So it’s Muslim female, non-Muslim female, Muslim male, non-Muslim male.

  6. sacrosanct Said:

    wa alaikom assalam Yusuf!

    Thanks/JazakAllah khair for correcting me on that. I knew I might have messed it up.

  7. That’s not Islamic… The Muslim Empire was the first empire who created Hospitals for civilians.

    There is nothing wrong in showing our body’s to the doctors.

    I agree 100% with you.

    Can i re-post your entry in my Bloge with the credits??? Because this is something very interesting

  8. Motamid Said:

    As salam ‘aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. That’s very interesting. I have heard from my teachers that a person can seek medical treatment from doctors of the opposite gender in conditions of necessity and the unavailability of alternatives, and when one has more confidence in the competency of the oppositely gendered doctor, and also when it is more affordable than the alternative; however exposing the ‘awra is only done to the extent that is necessary, and it is still superior to seek treatment from a righteous and believing doctor of the same gender (all other factors remaining equal). And I think this is the answer you would find on SunniPath.

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