Dr. Jackson Seerah Intensive at NYU- Medina

For the first time Dr. Jackson did the Medinese period of the Seerah. The Medinese part is tomorrow.

I took more than 15 pages of single spaced notes.

Should I make the notes available for download?

I can’t wait until the second part tomorrow. The man is brilliant!

MashaAllah, May Allah preserve him.



  1. Ahmed Said:

    Salam wr wb…

    If you could do that, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Greatly.

  2. Yes please! Will give me something to look forward to reading when my semester is finished.

  3. YES, ABSOLUTELY… Please do . . . May Allah reward you!

  4. sacrosanct Said:

    salams guys ok i just have to fix the notes to make them a bit more coherent and e-mail a couple of people to fill in some holes in my notes then I’ll get it to you guys asap


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