Blown Away by Dr. Jackson this Weekend

I have gone to see Dr. Jackson more than four times. He always delivers and he always has something really intelligent to say.

But this weekend especially at the second day of the seminar, I was absolutely blown away.  There will be like a billion posts about this inshaAllah. But now I’m just at a loss for words.

Now, the way he did things was that everytime he explained a tidbit of seerah he jumped immediately to modern times and showed how that aspect of the seerah relates to us. So the notes might read incoherently. So I need to fix them up just a note for those who requested.



I’m like on super iman high. And my understanding of Quran and the Prophet May Allah bless him and give him peace has grown.

I can’t explain how mind blowing this weekend was. I think Dr. Jackson’s a genius. MashAllah

Let’s all pray for him and his family.

Good night!



  1. Irisblue Said:

    You are so lucky – Dr. Jackson is one of my favourite people to listen to. I’ve heard him speak about the Prohet (saw) and it moved me to tears.
    I would have loved, loved, loved to have been there!!!!! 😦

  2. sincerelytruthful Said:

    Dr. Jackson is one of my favorite Islamic scholars. I had the oppurtunity to have him as my professer at the ALIM program. I was blown away in his class on the Seerah. I was expecting the same oh stuff and he just takes a different route that more interesting and intriguing.

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