Amina Wadud and Sparking Conversation and Dialogue

I know this is old news when there was the “historic” jumuah that a woman led. I know it’s way overkill to talk about this. No I don’t support what happened…
But I have to say one of the things that upset me about the Muslim community was the personal attacks that were being made against this woman. People got angry and made many personal attacks against her as a person. That’s not cool. While I don’t support women leading prayers, that’s still not cool.

But my post isn’t about this topic in general. It’s about using what happened as an example of sparking some type of conversation. All too often the most controversial posts on the blogosphere get the most commentary. Then the writer of the blog writes another well written, well thought out better post and it hardly gets any traffic. Why? (This is just general by the way.)

People tend to listen and leave their comments on very controversial posts with radical statements in them. But some excellent well-written posts get ignored because they might be more moderate.

So do we always need to see something extreme to spark discussion? Did Amina Wadud’s jumuah cause just that? If she would have just resorted to some mosque activism about letting women in mosques etc, would that have had the same effect as her radical move? I don’t know what her goal was at all but maybe it was to spark discussion about women in mosques and not have them be imams, but it took something like that to get people talking? Who knows?

A part of me thinks that she might have just added more wood to the fire (echó mas leña al fuego) because this got many Muslims very angry so it was kind of a shooting in the foot.

Do extreme acts make the most difference and spark the most discussion, or do they just aggravate the wound more and make things worse?

hmm. Just thinking and rambling.

By the way check out this great article at by UmmZaid and women and the mosque.



  1. Umm Zaid Said:

    Salaam ‘Alaikum

    I never agreed with personal attacks upon her (like people who made borderline takfir on her or whatever), whatever my thoughts about the action.

    My concern, though, it is that it was controversial, and got some media coverage, and a PR company then launched a women-led jumu’ah tour of some sort (although I believe it fizzled out after two times or something), and then nothing. And then more serious attempts to improve the masjid-access situation were ignored or brushed away, lumped in with these things, even if the women behind them weren’t part of it. So nothing really came of it, and it was a lot of rancour and bad feelings for nothing. And it made things worse, in some ways, for sisters who are trying to improve the masjid-access situation… you build your thing on top of what those sisters were doing for YEARS before that action and with one media event you wipe it out?

  2. tradimigrant Said:

    Asalaamu ‘alaykum,

    Speaking for myself, I do appreciate well written blogs; having no comments in such a case can be taken as a compliment.

    One will only end up in regret if they do something just to spark a debate. Mainly because such a debate can end up in further hardening people on their positions. At the same time, you can rarely anticipate the end result (usually negative). I’d compare it to making a deal with the devil. You might get your wish, but in a distorted and undesired form. As the Prophet (PBUH) said:

    Consideration is from God, and haste is from the devil.

    (from The Content of Character)

  3. sacrosanct Said:

    very true both of you

    thanks for that

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