Black Men Against Exploitation of Black Women in light of R. Kelly verdict

Don’t even get me started on the fact that R. Kelly was acquitted.

But I think this is an important petition to sign.

Black Men Against the Exploitation of Black Women

Here’s an excerpt of the petition:
“Six years have gone by since we first heard the allegations that R. Kelly had filmed himself having sex with an underage girl. During that time we have seen the videotape being hawked on street corners in Black communities, as if the dehumanization of one of our own was not at stake. We have seen entertainers rally around him and watched his career reach new heights despite the grave possibility that he had molested and urinated on a 13-year old girl. We saw African Americans purchase millions of his records despite the long history of such charges swirling around the singer. Worst of all, we have witnessed the sad vision of Black people cheering his acquittal with a fervor usually reserved for community heroes and shaken our heads at the stunning lack of outrage over the verdict in the broader Black community.”



  1. Barbara Said:

    How dare you spend valuable time trying to destroy your own brother R. Kelly who has done harm to NO ONE. There was no complaining witness because NO HARM was done. You don’t care about that girl or any black girl. You only care about R. Kelly’s money that you covet.
    It was only a short time ago that girls of 13 married and had babies. Your grandpa and his peers are all child molesters according to the dumb sex laws passed by the lesbians of today who want all the women for themselves.
    All these serious issues and you waste valuable resources and energy on this, while your brothers are locked up a million strong as prison slaves. Do you have an ounce of intelligence.
    You couldn’t hurt our rappers, and you can’t hurt R. Kelly. Give up N word. We’ll be buying every record he makes until the end of

  2. Monique Said:

    I heard that oprah winfrey is paying this guy from Spelman to hurt another black man. She is a man hater. These lesbians want to destroy all men. They want a man free planet. Women who love men and d88k better make a stand against them and NOW!

  3. Faye Jenkins Said:

    Oprah Winfrey is the number one man hating lesbian who is behind all these attacks on our black brothers. I think she is paying black men to destroy each other.

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