I was listening to the Poor Man’s Book of Assistance set by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf(May God preserve him for us). He was talking about envy, a disease of the heart. He mentioned a book called Billy Bud by Herman Melville who is an American author. There is one quote in this book that Shaykh Hamza says makes the whole book worth it because it is a Hikma. It is as follows:

People will admit to felonious crimes before they admit to envy.

If you think about this quote and ponder it, you find  that it is very true. How often do people admit to Hasad? Not very often.

Something to ponder.


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  1. Subhannallah, very thought provoking indeed. In this day and age envy and jelousy has become the norm as well, so a lot of people wouldnt even know what they are doing, to be able to prevent themselves, or admit it even! Subhannallah, May Allah protect us all from such diseases of the heart!

    Jazakallah khayr for the post.

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