Two Reasons for the Basmala

There are 2 main reasons why we can choose to start something in the Name of God, the Benificent, the Mericful.

Because Allah started the Quran with the basmala Every important matter that does not begin with the basmala will fall short of blessing; it will be naqis (deficient)

In the name of Allah, either we seek the blessing or we start with the name of the Allah for assistance; seeking his Help

The “ba” ( ب) in (باسم) is seeking the blessing or assistance of God.

So we should start with the basmala to seek blessing and assistance

In Ibn kathir’s tafsir (interpretation of the Quran) it is mentioned that the basmala has 19 letters.

Ibn Kathir said the hellfire has 19 angels called zabaniya.

Each one of those letters is a protection from each of them to protect us from the hellfire


Utter bismillah with your tongue when you start something to make your deeds complete inshaAllah!


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