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Sorry for the Long Hiatus

assalamu alaikom everyone,

I hope everyone had a blessed Ramadan and Eid.

I’m sorry I dropped off with the blogging. I really don’t know what direction I want to take this blog and I’ve been thinking of getting a domain name.

Anyway I will continue blogging and inchaAllah this blog will be more beneficial. I will try to offer some translations of traditional Islamic texts and hopefully I will be starting up a new blog in Arabic.

Please make dua for me.

Fi amanillah


Make the Most of these Last Few Days of Ramadan

This is a great post and a much needed reminder from Sunni Sister.

Ameen to all of the duas she makes.

With that, I turn off my computer.

Imam al Jawzi-A Great Scholar

*Imam al Jawzi (rahimuhuAllah) is said to be the most prolific scholar of Islam It is said that he is written 700 volumes and each volume had about 10 books. (People are skeptical of this number by the way.)

When  people used to come visit Imam al Jawzi, he would make them sharpen his pencils so that he could continue writing as soon as they left.

On his deathbed, his only regret was that he had wasted too much time eating. SubhanAllah.

This is what our scholars used to be like.

*Not to be confused with ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyya, Ibn Taymiyya’s disciple